Saturday, 25 May 2013

We went on holiday!

Whoa it's been a while! Life got in the way.
But I'm ready to show our holiday pictures... 10 months later! Better late than never hey?

Our holiday started with a week in the Bonney Lake area of Seattle, WA, spending time with Chelle's wonderful family. We got our first ever pedicures with Chelle's cousin, took her boys to the cinema, and hung out a whole lot. Because we were mostly just hanging out that first week we don't really have any pictures.

After that we flew off to Mexico. After a pretty crazy flight there, during which we got stuck in Phoenix, missed our connecting flight, and had to wait on stand-by for the next available flight, leaving our friend alone in Mexico City for about 6 hours with no communication, we finally got there.

Not too many photos, but I love the ones we have, which were all taken by Chelle, and edited (probably not very well!) by me...

Diego Rivera Mural

The detail on the buildings in Mexico is just amazing.

 Our first day there and we happened upon a huge protest gainst their newly elected president. Police everywhere.

 This made me realise that I really have no excuses.

 Contrast of culture.

We spent Chelle's 21st birthday having breakfast at the Hilton, where we tried barbecued cactus and helped the waiter practice his English.

Next up, Puebla!

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