Friday, 2 March 2012

A journal of my week.

This past week has been huge!

Last weekend I went home to Adelaide to meet my brand new niece. My brother and his wife now have two beautiful girls and I couldn't be a prouder Aunty! My older niece Scarlett (who's nearly 2) had a sleepover with my mum on Sunday, where I was also staying, so we got to spend some time together just us three, which was so lovely. I'm missing out living in another state and Scarlett doesn't really know me, so it was so nice by the end of the night when she wouldn't let me out of her sight! And Alice is just so precious, and placid. I'm so impressed with the way my brother and sister in law are so comfortable as parents. They are going to be such well mannered and beautiful girls.

On Saturday evening my stepsister and her fiancee had their 21st birthday, so Saturday was spent organising for that and then partying the night away! (But not really, Chelle and I are Nanna's so we were in bed by 11!).

I arrived back on Tuessday, and on Wednesday morning I recieved a phone call to say that I was sucessful in getting the job I had been for an interview for the previous week! However the excitement of starting a new job was shut down by discovering that Hugo pup had come up with a rash all over his belly. I panicked and whisked him off to the vet only to be told that it was just an allergic reaction to grass! I started my new job on Thursday and so far am loving it. I'm especially loving getting to play dress up in my business clothes!

The week ended with a playdate this morning with the Boston Tea Party & Associates! It was raining and grizzly today but the pups didn't seem to mind as they still played for hours! We followed the date with lunch at a delicious new cafe! After coming home and cleaning the house I am looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend relaxing, before starting my first full week of work next week!

(That's our handsome fella sitting in the front like a good boy!)

(And that's him digging in the dirt!)

(Andthis is Hugo's friend Bean!)

I hope everyone else had a lovely week.

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