Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hey Ho there Interwebs!

How've you been? Good yes? (No? is anybody out there?)

I have been great. After more than a year of chaos, my life is calming, and I am blissfully happy.
To summarise, a list of things that have happened over the last year and a bit:
relationship breakdown
quit job
moved out
puppy stolen in messy relationship breadown
learned to live on own in shitty little student apartment
met lovely new person
10 months of up and down with new person.
finally with new person
new pup
new apartment
new job
new friends!
new life.

I am unrecognisable from the person I was two years ago (I think), and I feel so much better for it :)

Here, have some pictures for evidence!

Me and new baby niece, June 2013

My lovely partner and I, October 2014.

The end.

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